Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cultivating weeds

After getting started with the plants I continued. I had put seeds in the refrigerator from the common milkweed: Asclepias Syriaca. Earlier in the year I had tried to plant some that I had brought back form Illinois, but none germinated. After a little research, I found they needed to be chilled before they would sprout. Anyhow, I had a bunch of seeds mixed with damp sand, that had been in the fridge since June 25th. These seeds went into two pots. If they do not sprout in a few weeks, I will try a new batch next year. After I planted the seeds, I decided to see if I could propagate some of my Florida Milkweed: Asclepias Curassavica . I took a few stems, dipped them in Root Tone, and potted them. If this works, I will start a bunch for next year when i get invaded with Monarchs again.


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