Monday, July 20, 2009

In Memory of Sidney J. Harris

When I was a kid, I used to love when Sidney J. Harris would run a special feature in his column: "Things I Learned En Route To Looking Up Other Things."

This was way before the age of the internet, I wish Sidney had a chance to experience what we have today. It was sort of a day off for me today. So while I was killing time before going to the dentist, I was randomly looking up a few things.

Along the way I found :This.
Thinking about what i could do with all the plastic things that I collect, I decided to bookmark this wiki entry: Plastics
And sure enough, the lid of the sherbet container is made of HDTP while the container itself is made of
One of the best articles of the day (so far) was from Hacker news. It was a short little article about being productive: Oops, Now I cannot find it. Quick recap. It gave five basic steps.
1. Start your day with a daily disipline, like a run.
2. Breakfast.
3. A little planning.
4. Get started.
5. Recap.
I read this about 5 hours ago, I might have altered it.

A New Yorker article "Getting over it" Pretty much agreed with one of my pet theories.


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