Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A little excitement on Saturday

It was a typical Saturday night until I walked Gretchen out to her car at about 11:00 PM. A voice from behind us said: "I need your purse and wallet". When we turned to see a person who looked to be a waiter from Mulligans, we chuckled. "I am serious", he said. "If you don't want to get hurt, give me your wallet and purse". The young man had his hand under his shirt, as if he was holding a weapon. I glanced at it and perhaps stupidly guessed that maybe he was bluffing. Gretchen said that what she had put in the car was groceries, not her purse. I told him that I did not have money on me, but if he wanted to come into the store, I would give him some money. He repeated his threat that he would hurt us. At this point i asked: "what are you going to hurt us with?" I guess this was the final insult. The young man turned and ran. After a few minutes of stunned disbelief, I called 911. In just a few minutes officers arrived. Officer Muse took my statement, and officer Root went looking for the culprit with a trained dog.

As it turned out, the would be robber was long gone, but it was nice to see a quick response to my call.

Today a friend sent me a link, we made the paper: TCPALM


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Glad you guys weren't hurt.

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